This time let us talk about Plasma more clearly.

This time let us talk about Plasma more clearly.

Some people have heard of “plasma” but some of them are not sure what it is.
There are some who say that the world’s psychic phenomena can be explained by plasma.

What is plasma, anyway?

We explain clearly plasma which is actually a familiar part of our lives.

Forth form.

To begin with, we were taught at school that the objects that surround us can be divided into three states (solid, liquid and gas).
For example, with water, the form changes depending on the temperature: ice for solid, water for liquid and water vapor for gaseous.

But in fact, in addition to these three states, there is a fourth.
That is “plasma”
It may not seem like a form that is neither solid, liquid nor gaseous, but unexpectedly we are seeing plasma.

Plasma is all around us!

For example, a natural phenomenon is ” lightning”.
Other types of plasma include “fire”.

The plasma also allows us to clearly listen to the radio from distant broadcast stations at night.
Although difficult to see in Japan, the ” aurora borealis ” is also a type of plasma.

I see! What is the nature of plasma?

Plasma is familiar to us as a natural phenomenon, but what does it mean to be in the fourth form which is neither solid, liquid nor gas?

To start with, substances are composed of molecules.
Water, for example, is made up of hydrogen and oxygen molecules.
Air is made up of nitrogen and oxygen molecules.

Such molecules can be further subdivided into atoms.
Atoms are only hydrogen if they are water, and oxygen if they are oxygen.

These atoms can be further divided into three categories.

:protons, neutrons and electrons.

The combination of neutrons and positively charged atoms is called a nucleus, around which negatively charged electrons revolve.
Normally, positive and negative charges are the same number and atoms are stable.

However, when further heat is applied, the negatively charged electrons orbiting the nucleus are dislodged from their atomic orbits and become free.
Then, the nucleus is in a positive state and the electrons are in a negative state of nature.

This unstable state of atoms is called plasma.

This plasma is not only a natural phenomenon, but is also used in everyday life as fluorescent and neon light.
Plasma is also used for Sputtering equipment which makes s deposition on various objects.