Atmosphere Controlled FurnaceThis is the atmosphere furnace heating up a furnace tube made of quartz or ceramics equipped with the tubular furnace.


The temperature can be controlled with high accuracy by mounting the thermocouple within a furnace tube.


  • Rapid cooling and observation are available due to the slide type tubular furnace.
  • The atmospheric control is possible by the introduction of gas and water vapor.
  • The heater temperature is available up to 1500 deg.C as an option.

Outer dimension (Main unit)


Furnace core tube materialHeater temperatureFurnace bodyProcess gas
Quartz, HB tube1500℃MaxSlidable1-3 lines



SAF3000 is the tubular furnace equipped with the thermocouple within a furnace tube.
Various options are available such as sample temperature control, various gas introduction, etc. so that the system suited to the research purpose can be made.




Heating Temperature, material and size of furnace tube can be selected as standard options. Furthermore, Additional mechanism of heating/cooling, press control and vapor introduction, etc. are available as options.


【Feature2】Heating/Cooling Mechanism

 Rapid heating and cooling makes possible without removing samples by sliding the furnace body. Sliding amount can be adjusted up to 300mmin max.


【Feature3】Press Control Mechanism

Automated Press control (APC) within a furnace tube is possible.
Various controls such as gas flow by vacuum pump, gas flow control and conductance control can be selected.


【Feature4】Water Vapor Introduction Mechanism

The introduction of water vapor to a furnace tube is possible.
The water vapor amount can be adjusted by a vaper trap.


SAF3000 Specification


SAF3000 Outer dimension



Product Information

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