Pulley, Pulley Adaptor

The mounting position of VG pulley(A、B、C、3V、5V、8V)can be freely selected. A special pulley can be available as an option.

We assure you of the solid power transmission.


  • Various kinds can be available as standard.
  • A short delivery is possible.
  • Pulley adaptor is fixed between a pulley and the shaft with keyless.

1.Standard Pulley 5V


Pulley is the wheel to transmit the rotation power and using the belt.
It is used for the transmission of the power from engines to a generator or a hydraulic pump.




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Ass’y of Electromagnetic Clutch and Pulley 


2.Pulley Adaptor


We produce and sell pulley adaptors as well.
The following are features of adaptors.

  • Easy mounting and removing to the shaft
  • Preventing from scratches on the shaft surface
  • Easy positioning of the pulley
  • Less face deflection of the pulley
  • Shaft diameter can be less due to no key groove
  • Applicable to various shafts of each generators


プーリアダプタ プーリアダプタ
Pulley Adaptor


Ass’y image of Pulley and Pulley Adaptor 

Method of Pulley Adaptor


【Mounting Method】

  1. Pulley adaptor has to be mounted to Pulley.
  2. Pulley and Pulley adaptor has to be mounted to Shaft.
  3. Well tighten the tie bolt.
【Detachment from Shaft】

  1. Remove the bold.
  2. Screw the bolt to tapped hole of washers
  3. Hammer the pulley
  4. Detach the pulley and pulley adaptor from shaft.



3.Special Pulley


Stepped pulley and other kinds of pulleys are available.
Contact us for more information.





4.Front Pulley


This pulley can be provided applying to engines from each makers.
Feel free to contact us.





Standard Pulley 5V


Model No.

  • PUM-〇〇〇-5V×△ :Shaft hall unfinished.
  • PUH-〇〇〇-5V×△ :Shaft hall finished. (Please order shaft hall size, key-way size or pulley adapter model number.)

○○○・・・Outer diameter of Pulley
△・・・Number of grooves





Pulley Adapter

Model No.

  • PAD-○○○△

○○○・・・Shaft diameter
△・・・・・S or L