Delicious because of the vacuum… Explains how air-in chocolate and soaked chocolate can be made.

Many of you probably eat chocolate when you need a break, or at snack time.

Among such chocolates, vacuum is used in air-in chocolate (foaming chocolate) and soaked chocolate.

A simple explanation of the relationship between vacuum and chocolate.

Which process of making air-in chocolates does the vacuum play an active role?

Chocolate that is fizzed with tiny air holes is called air-in chocolate.

As the name suggests, it is also called foaming chocolate.

Due to its airy composition, this chocolate has a soft and gentle melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Air-in chocolate is made by adding carbon dioxide gas when it is melted, which causes it to fizz.

In the usual state of our lives, if not in a vacuum, chocolate is pressed against the air.

To find out more about pushed by air.

However, under a vacuum, the lack of air pushing on the chocolate makes it easier to expand, as it fizzes when carbon dioxide gas is added and the pushing force from the chocolate side is stronger than that from the air.

In this state, the chocolate is cooled to produce air-in chocolate that melts softly in the mouth.

Because of the vacuum, more carbon dioxide fizzes, creating lots of tiny holes in the chocolate and giving it a unique texture.

Which process of making soaked chocolate does the vacuum play an active role?

Soaked chocolate with its crispy texture is made in a vacuum to infiltrate the chocolate into the baked sweets.

Baked goods such as puffs and cookies have many small holes in them.

It is easy to see that the puff has holes, but it may be difficult to see that the cookie also has many holes.

However, cookies are also baked in the process of expanding with baking powder and other ingredients, which creates small holes.

Let the chocolate seep through those tiny holes.

If not under vacuum, the small holes in the puffs and cookies are filled with air and are difficult to soak up.

However, under vacuum, the lack of air makes it easier for the chocolate to penetrate the small holes without being disturbed by air, resulting in easier soaking.

Chocolate melts at high temperatures, especially in summer, but in case of soaked chocolate, it does not melt easily even in summer.

It also gives a more chocolatey experience than pastries that are kneaded with chocolate and then baked.

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