Space ChamberVarious experiments such as components and material evaluations of anti-space environment can be carried out.

Space Chamber -Φ1m-

Small size space chamber for small component evaluations with an easy handling.


  • Small size space chamber with Φ1m opening.
  • Use of a cooling shroud
  • Various introduction ports for various applications.

Outer dimension (Main unit)


Vacuum pressureShroudIntroduction port
24 ports



Aerospace industry has a wide variety of technical fields in which the technology of Japan can be utilized. Particularly among these fields, the development of super small satellite has been progressing and the further development technology has been required for new materials, sensors and so on these days.
Starting with the anti-space environmental evaluation for satellite components, Hyperspectral sensors of Proto Flight Model (PFM). Performance evaluations of various observation devices and environment tests of components used for rockets can be utilized.


Space Chamber Specification



Space Chamber Outer dimension





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