An indispensable ingredient for sweets! The secret of condensed milk’s delicious taste lies in the vacuum


Condensed milk is used to pour over strawberries or on sweets such as pies and pudding.

As the term ‘condensed milk’ suggests, it is made from concentrated milk, and it has a history of more than 1,300 years in Japan and is now made using a vacuum.

It is no exaggeration to say that the secret of the delicious taste of condensed milk is the vacuum.

Learn more about the relationship between condensed milk and vacuum. 


Condensed milk used to be the food of the nobility.

Condensed milk arrived in Japan in the first year in 645.

It is believed to have been introduced to Japan from a country that once existed on the Korean Peninsula, and was eaten as a nourishing medicine by the nobility at that time.

At that time, condensed milk was made by boiling down milk, but by the Meiji era (1868-1912), vacuum kettles were developed and mass production began.


The relationship between condensed milk and vacuum.

Today’s condensed milk is pasteurized by adding granulated sugar to milk and rough boiling.

It is then filtered before being concentrated in a vacuum concentrator.


Concentration can be achieved by simply boiling down the product, but a vacuum concentrator can ensure the good looking and enhance the flavor.

Because of the low atmospheric pressure in a vacuum, the boiling point of water is also lower.

This means that water can be evaporated and concentrated at low temperatures.

Vacuum and low-temperature concentration prevents oxidation, which prevents condensed milk from turning brown during the concentration process.

It also retains the original flavor of the ingredients, with little deterioration caused by heat.

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In addition to condensed milk, vacuum concentrators are also used to make jams, fruit juices and soup stocks.

Today, condensed milk is mostly used for commercial products and is used in caramels and coffee drinks as well as ice cream.

If condensed milk is used as an ingredient in your breaktime snack, we hope you will think of the vacuum.



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