Ideal for replacing parts. Two types of clutches for ships produced by SUGA [Long-established ship parts manufacturer].


We in Hokuto, Hokkaido, have been committed to the manufacture and sale of ship components since its establishment.In this article, we will introduce one of the most important parts for a ship – the clutch.

A marine clutch is a device fitted between the engine and transmission and is a necessary component for operating the engine power.

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What role do marine clutches play?


As mentioned earlier, a marine clutch is a necessary device for operating engine power.It is responsible for transferring or cutting off the engine’s power to the transmission when starting, stopping and shifting gears.This reduces shocks when shifting gears and ensures a smooth ride.

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Marine clutches produced by SUGA.

[MMC – electromagnetic clutch]


Electromagnetic clutches control the electromagnetic force by interrupting the power supplied to the coil (electromagnet) and transmit the rotational force of the engine as driving force for onboard generators, hydraulic pumps, etc.


MMC – electromagnetic clutch is a compact, high-torque type with outstanding reliability thanks to the Ogura clutch.The wide range of models also makes it suitable for matching all types of small fishing vessels.Good heat dissipation, allowing for high frequency and severe use.

〈Standard specifications.〉

salient features






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[air clutches]


Air clutch elements are used to transmit and disconnect power from the internal combustion engine.

It controls frictional forces by inflating and deflating air tubes with air pressure, and transmits the rotational power of the internal combustion engine as driving power for on-board generators, hydraulic pumps, etc.


Air clutches can absorb and mitigate shock, vibration and torsion due to the elasticity of the tube and can tolerate slight shaft center errors.Thanks to its open structure, it has excellent heat dissipation. Since it can be remotely operated, making it ideal for labor-saving applications.

〈Standard specifications.〉

Side-pull pneumatic clutch



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This time, we introduced clutches for ships.

We provide products that suit customers’ needs, such as heat dissipation and labor saving.

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