ALD with Glove BoxThis model is capable of depositing all over the surface for both powder and solid particles.



  • Vacuum Gas Replacement Glove Box
  • Applicable to Anaerobic samples and materials as well
  • Powder Deposition possible as an option

Outer dimension (Main unit)


PrecursorUniformitySubstrate heaterCombination
2 lines≦±3%350℃×



This model was developed for R&D.
This equipment is the system suitable for laboratory use to realize the precise step coverage deposition for uniform coating of each atomic layers.

A glove box is equipped with this model, which enables users to make a deposition for materials aversive against oxygen and materials aversive against
the atmosphere.
Furthermore, this model is capable of depositing powder with an optional
dedicated mechanism and a tilt frame.


The sample film kinds stipulated herein are just for the reference purpose only.



【Features1】Glove box as a standard item

A glove box is equipped with this mode. All handlings such as the in-out of samples and substrate holder setting can be done within a glove box.
It can be easily detached from the main unit depending on the purpose of experiment.




SAL1000G’s Glove Box


【Features2】Deposition Performance onto wafers

The deposition can be made up to 4 inch wafer.
The performance is ≦3% within Φ100mmarea in the test of Al2O3.


【Features3】Deposition on powder

This model is capable of depositing the powder as well with an option.
It will be required to optimize various parameters.
In case that the powder is agglutinated, it should be crushed in advance.

SAL1000G with a slant frame

傾斜0度((水平) 傾斜25度 傾斜40度
0°(Horizontality) 25° 40°

Slant image (Photo : SAL1000B)


Φ40μmのNi粉体へのAL2O3成膜事例 成膜前(光学顕微鏡観察)

Al2O3 deposition on Ni powders (φ40μm)
(Optical microscope image)


Φ40μmのNi粉体へのAL2O3成膜事例 成膜後(光学顕微鏡観察)

Al2O3 deposition on Ni powders (φ40μm)
(Optical microscope image)


【Features4】Easy operation

The substrate can be easily set by lifting up the hatch at the upper side of the system with a wafer/sample put on the substrate holder.
Operation buttons for exhaust and valves for gas flow adjustment are placed on the front panel for an easy operation. Vacuum of a glove box and vent process by nitrogen can be automatically done by touch screen.




4″ wafer placed



Operation button for Depo and Vent


【Features5】Easy software operation even on a small display

The screen layout has been designed so that the deposition status can be easily recognized. Pressure trend graph, Pressure, No.of deposition cycle, remaining No. of deposition cycle, Gas flow and Heater temperature can be read. Other items needed for a system operation and maintenance can be easily read as well.


SAL1000 画面1



【Features6】Portable Design

A big handle is attached on the side of the system to easily move from the installation place to another place. It weights 50kg and it should be moved by more than two persons.

SAL1000G Specification



SAL1000G Outer dimension




The following optional items are available.


【Feature1】Powder deposition and inclinable frame

This mechanism is needed for the powder deposition.
The rotation mechanism for a substrate holder can be added.
For the detail of powder deposition, please refer to [Feature3] in Product Information.



SAL1000G with a slant frame


【Feature2】Ozone Generator

This generator can be used instead of H2O to make Oxygen atoms react to make a thin film. The vacuum time can be reduced without H2O and the deposition can be made at the low temperature as well.


【Feature3】Exhaust Gas Treatment Unit

The precursor gas exhausted by ALD can be decomposed at high temperature heating. The effect can be obtained if the flow is within a range.




【Feature4】Dry Vacuum Pump

The rotary pump can be replaced with Dry pump.
The dry pump is basically required if a system is installed in a clean room.
N2 gas introduction is recommended for a long life of a system, depending on process conditions.





【Feature5】Heater for Precursor

The jacket heater for precursors (Standard Max. 150℃) is available to maintain steady vaporization of a precursor within a bottle. The jacket heater for precursor (Max.200℃) is available as well.
A thermocouple can control the heater setting temperature and actual temperature of precursor on the operation panel.



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