ALD Equipment

This equipment is the system suitable for laboratory use to realize the precise step coverage deposition for uniform coating of each atomic layers.
As a related matter, we also introduce Annealing equipment to enhance the quality of the film after the deposition process.

  • SAL1000B

    This model is capable of depositing all over the surface for both powder and solid particles.

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  • SAL1000G

    Desk-top ALD with Glove Box, Deposition to the powder possible

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  • SAL3000

    Deposition direction, glove box and LL chamber can be selected.

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  • SAL3000Plus

    Expandable Model. Deposition direction selectable.
    Substrate Heating up to 800℃

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  • SAN1000

    Pressure control during heat treatment (annealing) to the substrate and heat treatment by introducing inert gas is possible.

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  • SAN2000Plus

    The temperature control of Max.1000deg.C is achievable and RF power source can be equipped with and the combination with other systems can be possible.

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