Electromagnetic Rotary Pump ValveThis helps when the isolation valve power for vacuum pump stops.

Electromagnetic Rotary Pump Valve


  • Valve element is opened by differential pressure during the vacuum.
  • Valve element is closed when the pump stops.
  • Compatibility of vacuum holding and atmospheric vent at pump side.



Electromagnetic rotary pump valve prevents from the oil back caused by a sudden vacuum exhaust stoppage.
This valve can be equipped with not only the rotary pump but the dry pump to prevent from a sudden trouble caused by vacuum equipment.



【Feature 1】Valve control

Individual valve controls are not needed by having the input line to solenoid valve and Rotary pump. This valve opens and closes in conjunction with the pump movement.

【Feature 2】Open / Close of valve

The valve is automatically opened and closed by differential pressure in conjunction with the movement of rotary pump.

【Feature 3】Compressed air is not needed.

When moving the valve, compressed air is generally used for open and close.
But this valve requires no compressed air due to the use of differential pressure.

【Feature 4】Isolation Valve

In addition to the open/close of exhaust line, atmospheric vent only at rotary pump side can be done. NW40 as well as NW25 is available.

SV25R /SV40R Specification



SV25R /SV40R Outer dimension