Test example of deposition ~The experiment to see if sputter deposition can be done without TMP (turbo molecular pump) and only with RP (rotary pump) on SSP100 cubic equipment~


Test example of deposition 

We have experimented with the SSP1000 cubic sputtering system to see if it is possible to sputter deposition without a TMP (turbo molecular pump) and only with an RP (rotary pump).

This blog shows the results of this experiment.

Just to briefly conclude, although sputter deposition can be carried out without a TMP (turbo molecular pump) and only with an RP (rotary pump), the high pressure before deposition doesn’t exclude impurity gases, which raises concerns about the quality of the film.

For applications where membrane quality is not so important, it could be used without a TMP (turbo molecular pump).

Thus, Suga can perform experimental deposition for you with its in-house SSP1000 cubic sputtering equipment.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in what kind of film deposition can be achieved with our SSP1000 Cubic Sputtering Equipment.